“Every time you buy something from a small business a real actual person does a happy dance”

Twill Dress in Gilt
with Signature Coat in Damson

“Every time you buy something from a small business a real actual person does a happy dance” – this quote is circulating amongst us entrepreneurs on social media at the moment and we can’t help but smile and relate. It is so true! Even after years each sale makes you happy, is a validation that your passion is worthwhile and spurs you on. Each real actual person who chooses, in our case, to wear our clothes and support our enterprise is celebrated whether its only for a minute as the order confirmation pings through on email or if we’ve spent an hour with them on the phone or in the showroom meticulously piecing together the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Boston Dress in Aqua/Pigeon Blue
Last week we had an urgent email from a customer on the move in NYC.
She had just seen a friend wearing one of our Winter Dresses in Manhattan and was determined to wear one at a celebration in the Surrey countryside in England that weekend. The event was on Saturday - it was Thursday- she was flying to London that night so its safe to say it was fairly last minute! She was urgently messaging us whilst at an appointment with her eye doctor.
We needed to piece together the perfect outfit and get it near to her end destination ASAP! 

Short Drape Jacket in Cranberry

A couple of phone calls later in between the myriad of appointments she was squeezing in, it was sorted. She had noticed the different textures of the top and skirt of the dress and only two dress styles currently fit that description having fine smooth knit Organic Cotton tops with sumptuous textured felted Baby Alpaca skirts -The Boston Dress and Twill Dress.
All options had been covered and a Cranberry Twill Dress with matching Short Drape Jacket were packaged up and ready to go. We took her payment while she was sitting in a Manhattan taxi rushing to the airport and were thoroughly entertained and excited following our new real actual customer’s crazy NY day and making sure she had the perfect outfit for that weekends celebration!

31st January and 8th February 2017 at our studio in Barnes, London 11am till 3pm

Ten years ago I started this journey, really not knowing what I was embarking on and how it would evolve. I didn't even realise there was a fashion designer lurking within, eager to emerge and start creating. So I called my little fledgling company PINGUSH as a tribute to the loves of my life, both of whom I had nursed and lost to old age in the year before this exciting new adventure began.

Two years ago the time was right to rebrand to CARINA HILDEBRANDT - more in keeping with the stylish contemporary collection it has become. A new website was built but committing to a new label took a little longer! 

As most of you know we don't do "SALES" and the first piece of clothing I ever designed -The Signature Coat- is still our Best Seller! BUT we are inviting you to come for a rummage in Barnes next week! Any current collection treasures (and there are many!) with a PINGUSH label will be yours at 25% off. Once they are gone they are gone so we hope you'll make the most of this special opportunity! There will also be a tempting sample rail with even more steals and of course lots of wonderful new designs that are not yet online (not discounted).
As is our tradition in winter we will have hot apple cider on the boil.
Look forward to seeing you and all friends are welcome!