Clothes that last forever..

I was catching up with my lovely friend Carlota the other day talking about the challenges of growing a small fashion label (Carlota had a beautiful clothing store in Knightsbridge, London for many years so has lots of industry experience). In the midst of our conversation she sounded perplexed and said "but your clothes last so long and wear so well, that is a challenge..!” She was talking about the summer jackets of mine she's been wearing constantly for at least four years and the fact that they still look so perfect...

I’m so proud of the quality of the clothes we produce but it did get me thinking about the advantages and disadvantages (not many disadvantages to you!) of clothes that last forever… 


1. Well the obvious first. Value for money! No need to feel guilty about your purchases as they will pay for themselves many times over. One of our customers recently told us about how her beloved well worn Funnel Neck Jumper had been spirited away for a whole new life by her 18 year old globe trotting model daughter. So effectively you could be buying a family heirloom!

2. Advantage to us:
When your children steal your clothes most of our customers miss them terribly (the sweaters not the children!) and come to us for a replacement.

3. Our knitwear layers up like a dream. Example: Today I am wearing a Boysenberry Roll Neck Flare Jumper (winter) with a Sage Long Belted Jacket (spring) worn without the belt. Last week when the sun beamed down and confused me, two Spring weight Long Belted Jackets in soft shades of Light Olive and Heather were the order of the day, with  our Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Top. So comfy with perfect warmth (it was still pretty cold in our office) and the colours made me feel light and happy! At a show in Germany last summer on a freak cold day in June, I was in my summer weight Empire Dress wishing I had tights with me and put the Long Belted Jacket under my SignatureCoat. Not an outfit I would normally promote as I think it's best for the knitwear layers to be the same length. Sure enough two customers absolutely fell in love with the look (despite me apologising for it!) and were so excited about the many outfits they could create with their new pieces.

4. Everything is mix and match and our core most popular colours stay true year after year. If it ain’t broke don't fix it. Wouldn’t it be so annoying if you loved one of our new dresses this season but the matching Short Drape Jacket that you happen to have in your wardrobe looked worn and shabby against the pristine new organic cotton. So glad we can be sure that won't be the case!

Disadvantages ?

You won't need  need to come back to us to replace your trusty favourite CARINA HILDEBRANDT piece. So we will just have to keep tempting you with new design gems to add to your collection!

2. “I’ve had this coat for years and worn it loads and it goes with everything! But it still looks so great how can I justify buying a new one?" That is a dilemma. We’d say, "You definitely need a winter and a summer version and then one in a neutral shade (Navy or Mole) and one in an accent pop colour (Bougainvillea or Buttermilk)."We can help you tackle this one 'til the cows come home...

So all in all I think we're pretty happy with our everlasting creations and hope you are too…

P.S If you would like to take up our new service, email us with details of knitwear or dresses that you have from us, including the colour and size, then we will let you know our top recommendations of what to buy to wear with it to give you a whole new look for the season! 

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