The life of a fashion designer...

The life of a fashion designer is often surreal. Mainly because of the calendars we have to follow. Most of the industry is constantly working 12-18 months ahead. Try imagining and attempting to predict what the rest of the world will want to wear in summer the following year wrapped in layers of Alpaca sipping a hot chocolate. It can be challenging even for the most imaginative who are at least immersed in only one collection at a time.

For those of us who design, produce, sell, market and try to build a brand, we must feel comfortable flitting between at least 3 seasons minute to minute day to day. The season we are selling and wearing now, the season that is going live imminently and the following that needs to be created including committing to the raw materials many months in advance (which of course involves looking back at many previous seasons to remind us of those all important patterns of activity).
If someone were to ask me which part of my education helps me the most in this creative life that I have found for myself, I would have to say it is my maths degree! If I wasn't comfortable with numbers and tables I don't know how I would do half of my job, which involves constant analysis. Tables of sales that confirm my own feel for what appealed to customers most the season before. Tables of yarn stock leftover showing which colours need to be topped up, added to the range or dropped.
Tables of stock here and now across the pond to see on which continent we have sold out of our signature pieces that we carry year to year….

Clothes that last forever..

I was catching up with my lovely friend Carlota the other day talking about the challenges of growing a small fashion label (Carlota had a beautiful clothing store in Knightsbridge, London for many years so has lots of industry experience). In the midst of our conversation she sounded perplexed and said "but your clothes last so long and wear so well, that is a challenge..!” She was talking about the summer jackets of mine she's been wearing constantly for at least four years and the fact that they still look so perfect...

I’m so proud of the quality of the clothes we produce but it did get me thinking about the advantages and disadvantages (not many disadvantages to you!) of clothes that last forever… 


1. Well the obvious first. Value for money! No need to feel guilty about your purchases as they will pay for themselves many times over. One of our customers recently told us about how her beloved well worn Funnel Neck Jumper had been spirited away for a whole new life by her 18 year old globe trotting model daughter. So effectively you could be buying a family heirloom!